America's top three realistic artificial Christmas trees

With the influx of realistic artificial Christmas trees in the market, it can sometimes get confusing when you want to buy an artificial tree over a live tree. This is especially perplexing when you don’t know even half of the artificial tree types everyone keeps rambling on about. Since we have often been in the same situation, we at American Tree Classics have put together this list of America’s top three realistic artificial Christmas trees to give you a beginner’s guide to buying the perfect artificial Christmas tree.  

Fraser Fir Christmas tree. Fraser fir trees artificial or real, are crowd-pleasers. This artificial Christmas tree has a silvery-green hue and inch-long needles. Fraser fir Christmas trees typically have spaces between the branches making it a bit easier to decorate than other trees. Douglas Fir Christmas tree. Not at all related to firs, the real Douglas Firs has cones that hang downwards. This is something you might find in realistic artificial Christmas trees that really make realism an art form. Douglas fir Christmas trees usually are cone-shaped, branches are spreading to drooping, and the needles are dark green or blue green.  

Balsam Fir Christmas tree.  Balsam Fir Christmas trees are relatively dense, pyramid-shaped trees, with a slim tapering tip. While a selling point of a live Balsam Fir is its aromatic needles, you can always replicate this aroma with store-bought fresheners. This way you have a pleasantly fragrant tree in your home without having to deal with the mess of falling needles.  

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